Window Cleaning The Canadian Way!

December 30, 2017

During the throes of extreme cold weather, clean windows can prove quite the challenge.

The idea is simple- I want clean windows!


I normally suggest vinegar and water for a nice sparkly clean finish, however given our cold seasons when the temperature plummets well below 0°, we need a formula that can stand up to the cold Canadian winters.


Without having to discuss the scene from A Christmas Story- where the kids tongue freezes to the pole.

We know the complexities involved and our unique challenges mother nature can present.

There is a reason why professionals hire commercial cleaners, who suit up and deal with the cold and safety hazards involved with the job.

However if you have a small store front, or simply wish to clean your residential windows at your home, this simple DIY cleaning hack can have your windows sparkling in no time flat!


Step 1:

Drive your team of sled dogs to your local Canadian Tire or Walmart, and choose a good quality de-icer (car washer fluid) 

Be sure it's formulated to handle below freezing temperatures.

I also suggest purchasing a squeegee (Flexo, Canadian Tire, Walmart,


or the Dollar Store)

Inspect the rubber blade on the back of the squeegee insuring it's even and flat.

Stay away from a thin wavy blade!


Step 2:

In a well marked spray bottle, note the dangers, and only use this bottle for the window cleaning.

Pour out as much as you need for the job, (insure the de-icer's child proof cap is secure. -Safety first kids)


Step 3:

Once you have your spray bottle and de-icing fluid, mix 2 parts water to 2 parts de-icer, filling a small amount that you need in the spray bottle..a little goes a long way, usually an ounce or two is plenty enough.


Step 4:

Wear appropriate safety gear, such as safety glasses, and rubber gloves.

Start out by spraying your windows down, then soap up with a clean squeegee. 

Don't forget to use the reverse blade to force the water away from the window, dry remaining streaks and edges with a clean-lint free microfiber cloth.


The alternative to a squeegee is microfiber cloths.

Once the de-icer has been applied to the window

 soap up clearing away debris with a clean microfiber cloth and use the other dry cloth to dry the window.


The other, other,  alternative is to drive to the nearest airport-book a flight to Florida or the Bahamas...and fly away into the warm sunlight.

 In reality this is Canada, we must face the cold together...Tim Hortons in hand, deep breath...not so deep that your lungs freeze, step onto that frozen tundra and conquer your to-do list.






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